META Plant & Equipment Zambia maintains service & maintenance capacity to be able to provide sufficient support for its customers wherever they are in the country. Mobile and in-workshop technical teams will ensure that the customer’s fleet suffers minimal down-time, with the customer benefiting from higher reliability and productivity as a result. We drive efficiency in the customer’s operation.

Spare Parts

META Plant & Equipment Zambia holds significant inventory of genuine JCB parts to ensure that customers have access to such parts within the shortest time frame possible. In cases where customer machines are VOR and required parts are not in stock. META Zambia can either request the part from its partner companies or order the part direct from JCB’s 24/7/365 World Parts Centre in the UK or Dubai. We aim to keep equipment downtime as short as possible.

JCB Livelink

The key to improving profitability and efficiency is knowledge. The correct knowledge drives the advantage, and getting the most up-to-date information about how your machines are performing or even located becomes even more critical when it comes to making the right decisions.

With JCB LiveLink you get an innovative real-time software system that keeps you in complete control and lets you monitor and manage your machines remotely via a PC or Smartphone.

JCB LiveLink was designed to help improve productivity, maximise uptime and make it easy to manage the health of your machines by providing essential operational data.

JCB Livelink is now fitted as standard across most JCB machines*. All you need to do is log in to see the features and benefits JCB Livelink delivers:

  • Enhanced maintenance reporting
  • Critical machine health alerts
  • Real time location data and Geofencing alerts
  • Fuel reporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Manage driver behaviour
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Lower machine running costs
  • Improved fleet control